How to find cheap flights


I am the QUEEN of cheap flights. I have flown to Austin for $30, Denver for $40, Fort Myers for $29, and New Orleans for $60.. ALL ROUND TRIP!


  1. I check almost everyday.
  2. I use Frontier Airlines online deals and Southwest Airlines “low fare calendar”

The number one key is to be FLEXIBLE. You must have some wiggle room on the times you fly and the extend of your adventure. Usually the cheapest flights are the first and last ones of the day.. so the early bird gets the worm (or cheap flight!)


  • Based out of DENVER. That means you should ALWAYS check the online deals out of DIA. Even if you use it as a layover and spend the night exploring the city.
  • CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! (almost every rock bottom flight I have taken has been through Frontier)
  • You CAN bring a backpack!


  • NO EXTRA LUGGAGE! Unless you want to pay an extra fee.. which defeats the purpose of traveling on the dime.
  • Small seats (sorry tall people)
  • No free beverages or snacks
  • Can’t exchange ticket dates for free (75$ transfer fee/which is usually more than I paid for the ticket)


  • TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS AND A FREE CARRY-ON! Whaaaat!? That is a deal if you are staying for an extended time or maybe plan on doing some shopping at your destination…… or you have an over packing issue (which I’ll help you fix in a future post!!)
  • You get to choose your own seat! (hello cute guy/girl in isle 24)
  • Free beverages and snacks (non-alcoholic of course)
  • You can transfer tickets and just pay the difference, unless you find a CHEAPER ticket… you get a credit!


  • More pricey than Frontier (but the BAGS!) (and the TRANSFER!) (and the DRINKS!)

SO check it out! Let me know the awesome deals YOU score! Follow me, and subscribe!

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