I’m the self-declared Byway “Babe”

noun: byway; plural noun: byways
  1. a road or track not following a main route; a minor road or path.
    1. a little-known area or detail.
      “byways of Cosmetology”

I think that describes me in so many ways. I prefer to take the road less traveled in every aspect of my life. Most twenty-something year olds are making babies and getting hitched. That’s not me! Some may say I am having my quarter life crisis and maybe I am. In my reality I am having fun exploring, making memories, and being the healthiest I can be.

I am currently located in the Midwest, and I am not trying to be vague when I say that. Where I live is actually within (LESS THAN) an hour of two states on both sides of me. To the left is Illinois (Chicago) and to the right is Pure Michigan. I am nestled into the center in the lesser known beautiful state of Indiana.  Lake Michigan is 10 minutes away. So its easy to say we are like the Hamptons of the Midwest!

Now for the “babe” part…

I am not a narcissist or think I am prettier than anyone else. Actually I am the exact opposite! I think working on yourself is very healthy and humbling. Two years ago I was 220 pounds and extremely unhappy. I decided to change that, and let me tell you something, it’s hard! Everyday is a battle but I want to support and inspire others to make the same change. I am also a cosmetologist, which for those of you who don’t know- I do hair. Making people feel pretty gives me a sense of joy and I really enjoy doing it.


SO combining my passions for hair, health, and travel; I give you the BYWAY BABE!

Following and grow with me! ….and be patient! I am learning.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions!